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How to choose the right grinding wheel

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How to choose the right grinding wheel
Latest company news about How to choose the right grinding wheel

For different workpiece materials and different processing requirements, different CBN grinding wheels should be selected; even if the same workpiece material is ground, the grinding ratio of different brands of grinding wheels may differ by 2 to 5 times, so a suitable grinding wheel must be selected.

Diamond grinding wheels are abrasive tools for grinding non-metallic materials with high hardness and brittleness such as cemented carbide, optical glass, ceramics, gems and stones. However, because diamond is easily carbonized at 700℃~800℃, it is not suitable for grinding steel. material;

The hardness of CBN grinding wheel is slightly lower than that of diamond, but its thermal stability is good (can withstand high temperatures of 1300℃~1400℃). It does not decompose at high temperatures like diamond, that is, oxidizes and graphitizes, and is chemically inert to iron group elements. , has high thermal conductivity (46 times that of corundum), and the grinding wheel made with it has a long service life (up to dozens to hundreds of times that of corundum grinding wheel). It is an ideal alternative to corundum grinding wheel for grinding hardened steel, high-speed tool steel, and bearings. Grinding tools for metal materials with high hardness and toughness such as steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and titanium alloy.

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