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How does diamond grinding wheel wear?

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How does diamond grinding wheel wear?
Latest company news about How does diamond grinding wheel wear?

Under the condition of low grinding force and grinding speed, after the operation of diamond grinding wheel, the surface of the diamond abrasive is scattered with many edges clearly reflecting the small wear plane of diamond abrasive. This is because the mechanical wear caused by the mechanical conflict between diamond abrasive particles and superhard data is gradually carried out, and the wear amount of abrasive particles is directly proportional to the grinding stroke length.

grinding wheel wear

According to the properties of diamond, the degree of graphitization depends on the crystal integrity of diamond abrasives, and the degree of graphitization is related to the crystal orientation. Diamond abrasives with good crystal integrity have a low degree of graphitization loss

On the surface of diamond grinding wheel, some diamond abrasive grains crack and break, causing the whole grain to fall off. Because crystal cleavage is the plane rupture caused by the type strength and distribution of chemical bond of crystal structure element 7, it often occurs along the directional plane at the end of the strength of chemical bond.

The fracture formed by the breakage is that in the irregular grinding process, the abrasive rises to high temperature instantaneously, and then cools rapidly under the effect of grinding fluid, which is repeated repeatedly, forming a great thermal stress on the surface of the abrasive, which makes the surface of the abrasive crack, the thermal stress, the fracture wear and the defect distribution and oxidation of the diamond abrasive Graphitization has a close contact, so, first of all, some thermal stress occurs at the surface shortcomings of the abrasive crystal, causing multiple cracks to occur and expand under the effect of grinding force, some of the weakest strength of the crushing and falling abrasive is the result of grinding force and grinding heat together.

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